Prescription Drugs

We are proud to offer counseling & 24 Hour Emergency Prescription Service for our patients.


We have qualified pharmacists on staff able to administer a variety of immunizations. From flu, pneumonia, and RSV, to a wide variety of vaccines needed for traveling abroad. *Note- Please notify us at least 6 weeks before your departure.

Chronic Disease State Medication Managment

Our goal at Hubbard/Young Pharmacy is to improve the patient's Quality of Life. Everything we do is focused on this core principle. We strive to educate, evaluate, and improve with each encounter. One way to improve a patients health is for them to take their medications correctly. Most patients on multiple medications will miss up to 3 doses per month, this adds up to over 1 MONTH of missed doses. We can help. Utilizing or Chronic Medication Management Program, we can evaluate and customize a plan specific to that patient. We can see the patient's whole healthcare picture, lower barriers to care, IMPROVE HEALTH, and LOWER COST.

Medication SYNC Program

Are you tired of making multiple trips to the pharmacy? Have you ever missed a dose of your medication because you didn’t refill your prescription in time? We know how hard it is to manage a chronic illness and juggle complicated medication schedules. We also know that missing even a single dose can be detrimental to your health.
Our medication synchronization program takes the stress out of managing your meds. This service simplifies your life by giving you a single day each month to pick up ALL of your meds. No more multiple trips to the pharmacy. No more calling in multiple prescription refills. We’ll even bring your monthly prescriptions to your door – it couldn’t be easier.

Curbside Pickup and Delivery Service

We offer curbside pick up. Just call us on your way to the store and we will happily bring your items out to your car.
Can't make it to the store? We will gladly deliver to the Clemson area.

Diabetic Supplies

We offer a full range of diabetic supplies. New to diabetes? We will be happy to get you started. We offer classes to educate you about your disease state, so you can be a healthier you!

General Merchandise

We carry an extensive assortment of general knick-knacks and items for various needs. Our inventory is filled with a diverse collection suited for multiple purposes. Should you seek something specific that we don't have in stock, we are committed to obtaining it for you!