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    First experience today and I’ll be a forever customer. My daughter was just diagnosed with the dreaded ‘f-word’ and when my pharmacy was out of tamilflu (and didn’t offer any suggestions for somewhere that had it) I was in a panic. I called Hubbard Young and they had it in stock, offered to compound it into her dosage, & brought it out to my car with stellar customer service. This exhausted, worried Mama is so appreciative.
    Lauren B.
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    My son was diagnosed with the flu, and the pediatrician said they was a shortage on the meds he needed but that this pharmacy had it so she sent his meds here. They called me and got all of our info before I got there and they brought the meds out to my car!. It was so nice!. And then today (1 week later) they called to see how he was doing and checking up on him!. I mean how many people can say that?. They are all so nice!. Will definitely be back!
    Margarita I.
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    Awesome customer service! Everyone was Nice and helpful. I had a bad experience at Walgreens hours before that was going to cost me $170.00 for one prescription. After hearing of this pharmacy I decided to drive 20 minutes and see what they could do. I left Hubbard Young Pharmacy with a Smile on my face and money to spare. The $170.00 item only cost me $20.00 here!! Wow! This was definitely worth the 20 minute drive! I will definitely be back!
    Tonya B.